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Product type:Oil Drilling Equipments and Parts--Well Control Equipments
Name:Choke & Kill Manifold
The choke and kill manifold are an essential equipment for controlling overflow, well kick and carrying out balance drilling for oil (gas) wells. The choke manifold is used for controlling casing pressure, keeping wellbore pressure balance by releasing pressure to protect the wellhead. The kill manifold is used for carrying out well-kick operations by pumping drilling fluid into the wells to prevent the accident and ensure production safety.
¢ÅDesigned as per API 16C;
¢ÆStructure type: single wing, dual wings, multiple wings or integrated;
¢ÇControl method: manual, hydraulic control console for remote control;
¢ÈBase structure: double deck multistage lifting or skid-mount type.
Product technical specifications
Rated Working Pressure
Product Specification Level
Rated Working Temperature
Performance Requirement Level
Material Class
Main Bore
2 9/16¡å, 3 1/16¡å, 4 1/16¡å
1 2

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