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Product type:Oil Country Tubular Goods--Tubing
Name:Epoxy resin antiseptic tube
Epoxy resin coat antiseptic tubing is mainly used in injection wells and paraffin wells, and has the following advantages:
        High mechanical strength, excellent tenacity.
        The epoxy resin coat tightly adheres to the tubing body, so it can increase the reliability and prevent it from slough off and polluting the grand.
         The coat is not poisonous and non-pollution.
         Excellent physical and mechanical performance, and electric insulation.
         Good heat resistance allows the continuous operation under the temperature less than 150ºC.
         The smooth surface can prevent dirt from accumulating and increase the medium transportation ability.
Adopt special sealing technology, anticorrosive layer spread all over the end surface of tubing, inner and outer chamfer angle and coupling screw thread to insure the anticorrosive ability in fluid channel of tubing.
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