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Product type:Oilfield Chemical Products--Drilling Fluid Additives
Fluid loss additives
MV-CMC carboxymethyl cellulose sodium salt
LV-CMC  carboxymethyl cellulose sodium salt
PAC-S.L.V polyannionic cellulose
SJ-1 high temperature and salt resistant fluid loss additive
SMP-I.II sulfated phenolic resin
NH4-PAN partial hydrolyzed ployacrylonitrile -ammonium salt
SMC ulfomethylated-lignite
SJL-101 high temp resistant fluid and viscosity reducing additive
SPNH lignite resin
Viscosifers and Flocculants
XC Xanthan gum
PAC-HV polyanion cellulose sodium salt
HV-CMC carboxymethyl gel lulose sodium salt
Hydroxypropyl guar gum powder
K-PAM potassium polycalcium
PHPA potassium polyacrylamide
MMH mixed metal hydroide
SLR-101 high polymer emulsion
SLB-201 polymer strong wrapping agent 
FA367 Zwitterion polymer wrapping agent
Thinners, Deflocculants and Dispersants
XY-27 zwitterion polymer viscosity reducing additive
SMK sulfonated tannin extract
SH-GXJ silicon thinner
FCLS lignosufonate
Shale Stabillizers and lubricants
PA-1 non-sheeing anti-sloughing agent
KHm potassium humate
SFT-201 causticized lignite
FT-1 asphalt sulphonated
SFT-201 cationic emulsified asphalt shale atabilizers
SFT-202 cationic emuisified asphalt shale stabilizers
SRU-101 non-sheening water-base lubricant
SRU-102 water-base lubricant
SRU-201 polyglycol lubricant
SRU-301 polyglycol lubricating and shale inhibitor
SRU-401 solid lubricant agent
Pipe-freeing agent
SJK-101 pipe-freeing agent
SHX-101 defomers
SHX-102 silicon-base defomer
Loss circulation Materials and oil Gas layer protectants
SZD-101 lost circulation agent
SZD-201 non-sheening oil soluble temporary blocking age
SZD-301 fineness calcium carbonate
YFP compound temporary blocking agent
SYB-101 polyglycol oil gas layer protectant
SYB-201 cationic emulsified asphalt oil gas layer protectant
SYB-202 non-sheening cationic emulsified asphalt oil gas layer protectant
BASO4 barite powder
HCOOK potassium formate
sodium and calcium bentonite
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