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Product type:Oilfield Chemical Products--Oil Production Additives
Acidification And Fracturing Additives
Complex Acid/Blocking Removers
GDE-XL Nitric Acid Retarder
Organic Retarder
No-Damaging Acid Series
Blocking Remover For Oil Gas Layer
SD-22 Blocking Remover For Polymer  
SLP-1blocking Remover For Baso4 Srso4 Caso4 Caco3
GD-Y Sand-Control And Blocking-Remove Agent
Mutual Solvents /Oil Gas Layer Treatment Agents
SL-N Good Effect Oil Gas Layer
Thermochemistry Treating Compound For Oil And Water Well
Acidification Mutual Solvent
Diverting Agents/Temporary Blocking Agent
Diversion Agent Series
Temporary Blocking Agent For Oil Well
High Temp. Temporary Blocking Agent
Non-Emulsifiers/Clean Up Additives
Good Effect Clean Up Additive
Anti-Slugging And Clean Up Additive
Corrosion Inhibitors
Corrosion Inhibitor For Acidizing
High Temp. Corrosion Inhibitor For Acidizing
DF-02AB Corrosion Inhibitor For Chemical Cleaning And Oil Field Acidizing
XLH Corrosion Inhibitor For h3po5
Anti-Sludge Agents /Iron Stabilizers
XFZ Anti-Slugging Agent Series
Ferric Lon Stabilizer
Gelled Agents/Friction Reducers
SHJZ Gelled Agent/Friction Reducer Series For Acidizing
Operation Mud/Well Control Liquid And Additives
Hydroxyl Guar Gum
DF-04 Treatment Agent of Operation Mud
DF-01 Viscosifier for Well Control Liquid of No Solid Phase
Well Control Liquid of No Solid Phase
Seawater Based Well Control Liquid
Oilfield Production Other Additives
Water-Plugging/Profile-Modifing Agent Series
Water-Plugging/Profile-Modifing Agents(Jel Series)
Water-Plugging/Profile-Modifing Agents(Granulated Material Series)
Water-Plugging/Profile-Modifing Agents(Resin Series)
GH-3 High Temperature Water-Plugging/Profile-Modifing Agent
TOP Fineness Cement TOP
Sodium Silicate
Clean Agent For Oil Layers
Clean Agent Series For Oil Layers
Heating Washing Additive
PM-1 Foam Washing Well Fluid
High Temperature Foamer
Viscosity Reducing Agents For Crude Oil
Thick Oil Emulsifier 
Oil Based Thick Oil Thinning Agent Series
Water Based Thick Oil Thinning Agent Series
GD-H High Temp. Crude Viscosity Reducer
Wax Remover And Inhibitors
Wax Remover And Inhibitor (Emulsion Series)
Water Based Wax Remover And Inhibitor Series
Oil Based Wax Remover And Inhibitor Series
Swell-Prevention And Sand-Control Agents
Swell-Prevention Agent Series
High Temp.Swell-Prevention Agent Series
Clay Stabilizing Agent Series
High Temp.Clay Stabilizer
Sand-Control Agent
Antis well Sand-Fixed Agent Series
DGW-1 Good Effect Sand-Consolidation Agent
Sand-Consolidation Agent Series
Thermally Resistant Resin-Coated Sand
Consolidation Agent For Phenol-Formaldehyde Resin Coated Sand
Phenol-Formaldehyde Resin
FSJ Urea-Formaldehyde Resin
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