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Product type:Electrical Equipments--Natural Gas Generator Set
Name:Gas-liquid Separator
Gas-liquid Separator
     The name of this equipment is filter of oilfield associated gas (air intake filter of internal combustion engine). Inside the filter there is a set of micro-filtration component (stainless steel filter element), which can effect efficient separation of oil, water and impurities in the process.
Structure and outline dimensional drawing    
       This equipment mainly includes outer shell of filter, stainless steel filter element, etc. and also has drain valve to discharge water regularly.
Filtering Principles and Features
      Filter medium: stainless steel fiber sintering felt; the contacts of fiber are sintered together, which are firm and can be folded;
       The stainless steel fiber felt made of micron-sized superfine fiber has high porosity (up to 90% max.) and excellent air permeability; its porosity and air permeability are 2 to 3 times and 30 to 100 times of that of sintered powder materials. The filter element made of this material has very low fluid resistance and very high filter precision.
       High assimilative ability: the unique solid multi-level depth-type filtration has a high accommodation volume for contaminants, about 3 to 5 times of that of sintered powder materials; the filter area after folding is 3 to 4 times of cylindrical area, which may increase its service life by 10 to 20 times.
Temperature-resistant and corrosion-proof: sintered felt made of stainless steel fiber has very good mechanical strength and flexibility under high temperature, so it can function in high temperature, low temperature and aggressive environment.
Economic and durable: the filter element made of stainless steel fiber sintered felt can be washed and regenerated and can be used repeatedly.
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