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Product type:Electrical Equipments--Natural Gas Generator Set
The dry desulphurization equipment uses iron oxide desulfurizer as desulphurization carrier.
Iron oxide desulphurizer is a compound desulphurizer that uses metallic oxide of variable valence as active component, which is used to remove H2S and part of organic sulphur in urban pipeline coal gas, common industrial feedstock gas, natural gas, marsh gas and wastewater treatment, etc. It is featured by favorable particle strength and small gas resistance, thus suitable for desulphurization and purification of gas source with low system pressure.

The structure is shown in the Fig. below. According to requirements for pressure vessels, this equipment is equipped with manhole, end closure, safety relief valve, pressure gauge, inlet and outlet flange, water drain valve, etc. and the internal wall of the tank has been anti-corrosive treated (coated with epoxy coal bituminous paint).

Outline Dimensional Drawing of Dry Desulphurization Tank
Desulphurization and Regeneration Reaction Principles
The reaction of iron oxide desulphurizer is as follows:
Fe2O3,2H2O+3H2S★Fe2S3,2H2O+3H2O       (Formula 1)
2Fe(OH)3,2H2O+3H2S★Fe2S3,2H2O+6H2O     (Formula 2)
Fe2S3,2H2O+3/2O2★Fe2O3,2H2O+3S       (Formula 3)
Note: Formulas 1 and 2 are for desulphurization and Formula 3 is for regeneration reaction.
There are two types of regeneration reactions: one is regeneration reaction with air when the desulphurization tank is not in operation; the other is regeneration during desulphurization, for instance, when the matching quantity of O2 is large enough, the working volume of sulfur will increase in duplication. If the gas contains O2 and as O2/H2S2.5, continuous regeneration may realize in desulphurization regeneration reaction, and so the above reaction formulas may be combined into: Fe2O3 , H2O+2H2S+ O2★2H2O+2S
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