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The geological structure of Shengli Oilfield is the most complicated one of the oilfields in China, so it is called the “Petroleum Geological Kaleidoscope” by foreign and Chinese petroleum experts. A number of professionals and operating crews with rich experience and high skills have come up under such complicated geological conditions. They can offer a series of petroleum technical services related to geophysical prospecting, drilling, cementing, mud logging, wireline logging, downhole operation, oil/gas gathering and transmission, seismic data processing, road construction, engineering and construction, and others.


Its geophysical prospecting teams have ventured their steps in six categories of the terrestrial surfaces, including plain, beach and shallow sea, desert, Gobi, hilly land and loess tableland. Its operation covers oil/gas exploration, oil/gas production, and coalfield exploration. It owns advanced and perfect acquisition and processing techniques of 2D, 3D, VSP, rapid geochemical prospecting, multi-wave prospecting, cross-hole seismic and fracturing monitoring.

胜利钻井由陆上钻井、浅海钻井、钻井工艺研究 、取芯、泥浆、固井、定向井服务等组成。钻井技术经多年开发,已逐步形成独特的技术优势,具有钻探浅井、深探井、丛式井、定向井、水平井、探井、套管开窗井、特殊工艺井等各类井型的能力。

Drilling services is composed of onshore/offshore drilling, drilling technology research, coring, mud, cementing, and directional well services. Through many years’ efforts, its sophisticated advantages have been formed to deal with drilling of the shallow wells, deep wells, cluster wells, directional wells, horizontal wells, exploration wells, sidetracking wells, special-technology wells and others.


Mud Logging can provide the geological logging and comprehensive logging services in the plain, desert, plateau and oceans. From the data interpretation and processing of straight wells horizontal wells, sidetracking wells to the later integrated geological research and it can carry out geological logging over 1800 wells, and well location survey and geological design over 2000 wells every year.


Well Logging can provide the special petroleum services of openhole wireline logging, coring, cased-hole logging and perforation in the straight wells, high-inclined wells, horizontal wells, unbalanced wells, ultra-deep wells and HTHP wells in various areas such as land, ocean, desert, hilly land and plateau, with the detailed formation and geological evaluation.


Workover Operation mainly provides the petroleum technical services including the well test in exploration, DST, offshore well test, oil/gas well workover, internal casing sidetracking, shallow-well drilling, fracturing and acidizing, steam injection,  sand control, new well production and maintenance as well as the above technological design, workover program in the problem well, formation evaluation, tool research & development, site technical supervision, and stimulation measures. Its technology  reaches the top level in China and furthermore its  oil-well sand control expertise plays a leading role in the world.

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