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Oil production improvement

Water injection

     XCPETRO has a professional technical services team that can supply the oil production program solutions and provide the complete equipments and services gurantee from equipments selection and assembly, construction design as well as the equipments commissioning and maintance. As the development of the petro-tech, after practice and operation, XCPETRO establish a remote control system for oil production that suitable for the harsh environment. Our water injection system is successfully installed and used in the oilfield in South Africa.

Viscous crude oil production

     Our company developed the technology of electrical heating well bore with a hollow rod in the light of actual situation of oil field production in order to solve technical problems in heavy and high pour-point oil well production once and for all, extend production period of oil wells, improve well yield and facilitate daily production and management for heavy and high pour-point oil well. In 1993, our company began to develop, test and apply this technology. After more than 10 years of continued modification and improvement, this technology has become mature and been applied in many oil fields.

    The electric heating hollow sucker rod system can solve the difficulties occurring during production of high viscosity crude oil ,such as crude oil lifting up, over load of sucker rod and pumping unit, difficulties occuring during down stroke and crude oil entering the pump. Combining with subsurface pump, the electric heating sucker rod system is used to heat the crude oil in the whole tubing string base on the principle of skin-conductive. The temperature of crude oil shall be increased, viscosity of crude oil decreased, flowability improved, and paraffin deposit prevented from. All kinds of difficulties occuring during the production of high condensation oil and high viscosity can be effectively solved, the production and efficiency can be efficiency improved.

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