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Xinjiangs largest oil equipment exhibition opening next move Karamay
Time:2011-7-29 Hits:3648

BEIJING, July 28 Xinhua Urumqi (Sun Ting Wen Hu Xiangxiang) Tenth Xinjiang International Petroleum Technology and Equipment Exhibition kicked off 28 in Urumqi. The exhibition, from the United States, Germany, Sweden, Japan, Singapore, Turkey, Dubai and other 17 countries and regions and in China more than 300 exhibitors, participate in various parts of Xinjiang's oil unit. Organizers said that Xinjiang's biggest ever exhibition of oil equipment.

It is reported that this exhibition is from the Xinjiang Economic and Information Technology Committee, Investment Development Authority of Xinjiang, Xinjiang Petroleum and Chemical Industry Management Office, Zhenwei Group organized three days.

Xinjiang's economy and Information Technology Commission, deputy director Shih said at the opening ceremony of new, rich oil and gas resources and the adjacent eight countries of the geographical advantage, a oil and gas exploration in Xinjiang, refining, processing, development of heat in the investment industry. Show the current meta-oil industry elite at home and abroad to showcase high-tech and high-end legal system, the oil industry products, to build a broad vision of the platform will build a large oil base in Xinjiang, Xinjiang's oil industry, to enhance the speed and quality, and speed up the new oil in Xinjiang play a role in the process of industrialization.

Has been proven, Xinjiang has more than 200 billion tons of oil reserves, accounting for 30% of China's land resources; forecast resources of natural gas capacity of 10 trillion cubic meters, accounting for onshore natural gas resources of 34%. Next few years, Xinjiang will build Dushanzi, Urumqi, Karamay, Kuqa four thousand international competitiveness million tons of oil refining bases, thereby contributing to the construction of industrial clusters, extended chain of petroleum and petrochemical-related industries.

In addition, the opening day, Karamay also held a "Karamay - World Oil City" special promotion, to the oil and gas industry from home and abroad, friends and guests introduced six major petrochemical base Karamay the overall planning and strategic plan. Karamay Vice Mayor Zhao Wusheng said Karamay is the only oil-named city in 2002 has become the first in western China a thousand tons of big oil. In 2010, the city's production of 10.89 million tons of crude oil and natural gas production is 3.8 billion square, petrochemical products not only occupy an important position in the domestic market and exported to dozens of countries and regions.

Reporters at the scene learned Equipment Exhibition, 2012 Eleventh Xinjiang International Petroleum Technology and Equipment Exhibition will be moved to Karamay held.

The industry believes that the holding of Xinjiang Petroleum Equipment Exhibition for China and Central Asian oil companies around the world and from a dozen countries and regions, professional equipment manufacturers to provide a showcase and exchange platform for Xinjiang "five-second "oil field development of the industry provides a good information support.

Reporters saw at the scene, led by China Petrochemical Shengli Petroleum Administration, Jianghan Petroleum Administration, Pipeline Storage and Transportation Company, Petroleum Engineering Technology Research Institute, more than ten subordinate units debut at the show, and Karamay city government organized a Chinese oil field in Xinjiang company, China Petroleum Engineering Company and a number of western drilling units of the exhibition showcases the Xinjiang oil and gas equipment industry's latest technology and equipment.

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