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Shanghai Petrochemical Exhibition Grand Opening cippe
Time:2011-8-21 Hits:4025
Asia's largest petrochemical exhibition - The Third China (Shanghai) International Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (Shanghai Petrochemical Exhibition cippe) on August 22, 2011 -24 at the China Shanghai New International Expo Center, show a total area of ​​40,000 square meters, a total of from the United States, Germany, France, Singapore, Russia, 30 countries and regions, 600 well-known exhibitors.

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Cippe 2011 Third Shanghai Petrochemical Exhibition attracted many well-known enterprises from home and abroad, and foreign famous enterprises AKER SOLUTIONS, Lincoln Industrial, the United States Fluke, USA Hanover, Tyco International, Stanley (002,588, shares bar), Germany Netzsch, Germany fluid machinery, Atlas, IDEX, UK Ou Luke, SGS Group, Jotun, Jobs and other enterprises to participate in association Ji. One Aker Solutions as a leading global oil services firm focused on energy, environmental protection, marine and marine resources industry, this exhibition Shanghai Petrochemical Exhibition cippe Aker Solutions is the first time held in China's large-scale exhibition debut, will focus display a variety of sea products and services. It is understood that the company's cooperation with CNOOC is currently a supply of subsea production system project contract worth $ 20 million dollars. Well-known western companies are drilling, TRW oil, Zhenhua Heavy Industries (600,320, stock it), Juli Group, Bohai Drilling, Jerry Yang, mountain high drilling carbaryl, SBW, Shanghai Valve Factory, the Sufa , KSB Pumps, Wuxi compressor, the Sufa, Yantai Moon (000,811, stock it), Jiangsu Sunpower Group.

Resources has always been strong buyers cippe show remarkable highlights, Shanghai Petrochemical Exhibition cippe domestic petrochemical industry as an important "benchmark", attracted attention from around the world-renowned companies. Shell, Total, Baker Hughes, ConocoPhillips, Pat Law Engineering Company, BASF, Aramco, Ami ST Engineering company, Huayi Group, Shanghai Petrochemical, Takahashi petrochemical, pipeline storage and transportation company, to extend the Group, Yizheng Chemical Fiber, Wison Engineering, Qingdao Petrochemical, Shanghai Offshore Oil Bureau and other domestic and foreign buyers have come to the exhibition tour site visit to discuss.

By Shell, Total, Baker Hughes and other top executives of international oil companies for tours of concern. Shell China Co., Ltd. China, Purchasing Manager at Pengcheng, Total (China) Investment Co., Ltd. China, Exploration and Production Department of Zhou Dongbo new projects, Baker Hughes (Baker Hughes), general manager of application engineering and technical support Bo Hu and other senior leaders will have visited the exhibition site, many exhibitors will be direct dialogue with the international famous enterprises, to discuss business, technology, business on the exchanges and cooperation.

In addition, confirm the presence of professional purchasing groups already visited more than thirty. Ship Design and Research Institute in the ninth Engineering Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd., director and chief engineer will be led by the organization more than 20 people delegation to visit the exhibition site cippe, according to team leader personnel, interested in this line of products include key offshore oil and gas drilling platforms, submarine detection, detection equipment, deck machinery, mooring, loading and lifting platforms, etc.; Shanghai Offshore Oil Bureau of the Ministry of drilling and exploration branch loading and III platform will organize nearly twenty people came to the exhibition site, members from the equipment procurement staff and engineers of offshore platforms. Another energy development company CNOOC, Sinopec Shanghai Engineering, Wison Engineering, Hua Lu Engineering, Jiangsu RSHI, 702 CSIC Institute, 704 Institute, Shanghai Petrochemical Research Institute, Ningbo Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Shanghai Coking Purchasing Department, East China University of dozens of professional tour have been confirmed to visit cippe Shanghai Petrochemical Exhibition.

Ninth China International Offshore Oil & Gas Exhibition (: ciooe) will also be held with the same period. Industry insiders believe: Shanghai, China in the Pacific (601,099, stock it) the West Bank, as the world's economic center, fully equipped to organize a world-class offshore oil development prerequisites. In the near future, China will appear and show the world's first OTC oil and sea drive sea oil equipment exhibition par, and on a global scale, and gradually formed the "West of the United States OTC, east China ciooe" pattern.

2011 China National Offshore oil and gas drilling and engineering equipment, Forum and Exhibition in Shanghai, Shanghai Petrochemical cippe held concurrently. The forum will be "five" main line of marine planning for the sector to "develop deep-sea technology and equipment to meet the new era of offshore oil and gas development" as its theme, inviting domestic and foreign high-end industry managers, operators, experts and other participants will be to jointly plan the development of offshore oil and gas industry.
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