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HDPE/EXPE Wear-resisting, Anti-corrosion Lined Tubing
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I. Introduction to the Technologies
       The HDPE/EXPE wear-resisting, anti-corrosion lined tubing is ordinary tubing with a liner of excellent wear-resisting and anti-corrosion performance. The lining surface is smooth and flexible, which not only prevents the sucker rod from direct friction with the internal wall of tubing, but also reduces the abrasion value of the rod. So the wear-proof layer will protect both the tubing and the sucker rod. By using this kind of wear-resisting and anti-corrosion tubing, the failure caused by eccentric wear and tubing internal wall corrosion will be effectively reduced. The experiments show,the oil wells using the HDPE/EXPE lined tubing have much lower rate of failure than those using ordinary tubing.
       In addition, due to the low friction coefficient of HDPE/EXPE lined tubing, the load of polished rod, output torque of reducer gearbox and the minimum stress at the bottom of the tubing string are significantly reduced. The difference between the maximum and minimum loads of the polished rod is considerably reduced. The reduction of the load of the up and down journey of the tubing will diminish the bending of the tubing due to pressure and prevent the abrasion between the tubing and the rod, and will reduce the energy consumption of the whole system as well. The reduction of the stress at the end of the tubing string will elongate the antifatigue life of the rod.
      The SPE39815 dissertation of API indicates that, after using the HDPE/EXPE lined tubing, the annual average workover times on testing wells with serious eccentric wear and corrosion have been reduced from 4.3 to 0.59 times/year, and the operation time without failure associated with abrasion and corrosion of tubing and rod was increased to 400% in average. By using the HDPE/EXPE tubing with liner, and when the working parameters of the producing wells keep unchanged, the load of polished rod, balance torque and the minimum stress at the bottom of the tubing string are reduced.
According to application statistics of home and abroad, the tubing with HDPE/EXPE lined tubing has greatly improved the working conditions of the entire producing well system.
II.   Characteristics
1、Eccentric-wear proof as well as corrosion proof;

2、Protect both the tubing and the sucker rod;HDPE/EXPE'friction factor is 0.06 itself, the friction factor is 0.10 to steel, which is only 1/2 to the steel's friction factor itself.
3、The internal liner has a high flexibility, which automatically fits into the elasticity and deformation of the tubing due to the changes of well temperatures and stresses, and ensures that

the liner will stick tightly to the internal surface of the tubing.
4、The material of the internal liner has a high strength, which will prevents the oil wells from being shutting down due to pinholes, fractures, failures and peels, etc.;
5、Nearly no-change the working processes;
6、Thematerial has a stable chemical performance, resisting to the corrosion of acid, salt and corrosive gases in the produced fluids;
7、The material of the internal liner is non-toxic, therefore no pollution on crude oil and formations.
8、Temperature endurance:-150℃-130℃,performance dose not change.
III. Scope of Product Application
1、Eccentric-wearing wells: oil wells with serious eccentric wear and corrosion and high rate of sucker rod failures.
2、Water-injection wells: water-injection wells with serious corrosion and scale deposit.
3、Corrosive gas wells: resisting to H2S and CO2 gases.
4、Offshore oil wells: the elongated life reducing the offshore production costs.
IV.Technical Parameters of HDPE/EXPE Lined Tubing

Max. OD of coupling(EUE/NUE)
Max. working temperature (℃)
2 7/8 HDPE
2 7/8 EXPE
3 1/2 HDPE
3 1/2 EXPE
4 ½ HDPE              141.30         86.3×910
6     4 ½ EXPE
4 ½ EXPE

1 2

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